Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic


05 July 2021
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We do not welcome and do not see the possibility of changing the Normandy format in any form, also in the form of including the United States in its composition, however, as an exception, we admit their one-time participation on a parity basis with the LDPR. We do not just admit, but even came up with such an initiative, unlike Ukraine, not using only empty statements.

We believe that through such negotiations, we could convey to the United States truthful information about what is really happening in Donbass, why the Minsk process is blocked, what difficulties our side faces during the negotiations.

We would like to note that the option we proposed for a one-time meeting of political advisers in the Normandy format without any "modernization" with the participation of representatives of the United States and the Republics could give a good impetus in resolving the conflict and, possibly, searching for new solutions in the current situation to implement the Minsk agreements. We believe that such an approach will ensure full coverage of Donbass events and destroy the wall of one-sided information profanation of Ukraine. Also, taking into account the fact of the American policy influence on the management of the Ukrainian state, after such a meeting, we could hope for an intensification of a peaceful settlement.

Although it is rather premature to talk about a peaceful conflict resolution: as we have already noticed, Kiev is not interested in a bloodless scenario, but only in an escalation and build-up of military force. Another example is the persistence with which the Ukrainian side tries to get Berlin to supply weapons.

As we see, Ukraine continues to distort the proposed initiatives. It will not lead to anything good, but only to another aggravation on the contact line and stagnation in the negotiation process. But people's lives and well-being are at stake, and we are sure that ordinary citizens of Ukraine want to end this war in the same way as we do. The only thing that separates us from the point-by-point and full implementation of the Minsk agreements is the indifference of the Ukrainian authorities to the fate of their people and the Donbass residents. The distinction in this context is not accidental, because it is Mr. Kuleba who believes that Ukrainians and Russians are not the one people.

For our part, we fully support any ideas and scenarios that can breathe life into the Minsk agreements and become a guarantee of long-term and sustainable peace. However, we emphasize that such initiatives should not run counter to the Minsk agreements, or in some way contradict them.