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DPR Foreign Minister: Russophobia carries a price of separated Donbass and the health of millions of Ukrainians

11 February 2021
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Not a day goes by without the media statements of the Ukraine’s representatives, in which they demonstrate an increasingly shocking level of hypocrisy and cynicism towards Donbass residents.

The Ukrainian authorities after 7 years of shelling, humanitarian, economic, transport blockade and infringement of rights and freedoms suddenly decided to take care of our residents’ health. And, apparently, it is within the framework of this concern that the Minister for Donbass “Reintegration” tells the media about “medical genocide” in the Republic, announcing figures that hardly correlate with the real situation.

Nevertheless, it is naive to assume that someone from the Ukrainian authorities is interested in the real state of affairs. They do not care about their own residents, who are now officially banned by the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers from access to the globally recognized and approved by the international medical community Russian vaccine solely because of the policy of discrimination against everything Russian by Ukrainian leaders.

In such a situation, not Mr. Reznikov, but we are just have right to sound the alarm about the situation with the coronavirus spread and the health system in Ukraine in general. By the way, this state would have a real opportunity to help its own citizens by supplying an effective and safe Russian vaccine. But instead, the Ukrainian authorities prefer to continue the absurd politicization of the humanitarian sphere and the policy of anti-Russian prejudice. The price for such decisions is not only the separated Donbass, which no longer wants to be a part of this state, but the life and health of millions of Ukrainians. Therefore, we strongly recommend that Ukrainian officials, before talking with loud formulations and unverified data on the situation in Donbass, first have a sensible assessment of the consequences of their own managerial decisions in Ukraine.