Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

DPR Foreign Minister: We are not going accept calls for war from the people, who represent Kiev at peaceful negotiations

08 February 2021
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The head of the Ukrainian delegation on the Minsk site, during one of the Ukrainian TV channels broadcasting, in fact, directly called on the Ukrainian leadership to continue shelling the Republic’s territory.

Mr. Kravchuk uses in his media speeches formulations that are far from generally accepted in the diplomatic environment in the style of "you just need to throw them out of Donbass", meaning, obviously, 4 million residents of Donbass. So he also cites absolutely unreliable information as arguments for the alleged non-fulfillment of the Minsk agreements by the Republics. Thus, Leonid Makarovich claims that the Republics are responsible for the recent deaths of the Ukrainian armed formations members. However, the real reason for their death was the detonation of their own mine, which is another evidence of chaos and irresponsibility in the ranks of the AFU. 

We categorically do not accept the fact that the head of the delegation at the site for a PEACEFUL conflict settlement in Donbass allows himself to make statements in which he openly calls for war. And it is absolutely outrageous that these calls quite logically fit into the mainstream strategy that Ukraine is trying to push through in its recent projects. This is Kiev's version of the Action Plan for the implementation of the Package of Measures, which contradicts the Minsk Agreements by three quarters and provides for the introduction of Ukrainian troops into the territory of Donbass. This is a bill on internment, according to which camps for all disagreeable to the Ukrainian authorities persons should appear in Donbass, and a bill on a transitional period, which implies an even bigger violation of the civil and political rights of Republics’ residents. 

Thus, we see a rare case of synchronicity and consistency between what the representatives of Ukraine say and what they do in practice. But this coordinated unanimous activity is by no means aimed at achieving peace in Donbass, but at even greater escalation, violation of the Minsk agreements, defeat in the rights and freedoms of our residents and the consolidation of all this lawlessness at the legislative level by the Ukrainian parliament.