Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

DPR Foreign Minister: we remain committed to the Minsk agreements and continue to follow the path chosen in 2014

01 February 2021
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The various government officials, politicians and other figures have over the past few days discussed the issue of “Russian Donbass” forum. We are pleased that Kiev follows the Republican events so closely and devotes so much time to commenting on them. 

However, we could not ignore a number of outright contradictions and theses that do not correspond to reality, which were voiced, among other things, by the head of the Ukrainian delegation in Minsk. First of all, we are talking about the fact that the adopted doctrine "Russian Donbass" allegedly contradicts the Minsk agreements. This is fundamentally wrong for several reasons at once: firstly, the doctrine is not a normative legal act officially adopted at the level of legislative bodies, but the work result of the scientific, cultural, educational community of the Republic, which reflects the moods and aspirations of the Donbass inhabitants. And these very aspirations were expressed back in 2014 and have not changed since that time. If the Ukrainian authorities really heard the opinion of the Republic’s inhabitants, which has been expressed for more than 6 years, including on the Minsk platform, they would not be so surprised by the fact of the adoption of the doctrine and the provisions enshrined in it. 

Secondly, it would also be good for the representatives of Kiev to check the Package of Measures text before making resonant statements in the media. The note to paragraph 11 of this document clearly states the possibility of developing cross-border cooperation with the Russian Federation, so, the Republic does not violate the Minsk agreements, but acts in the channel they have defined. 

And, thirdly, instead of finally starting constructive actions to unblock the negotiations, which are in stagnation solely through the Kiev’s fault, Ukraine prefers to shift the responsibility onto the representatives of the Republic and spread unfounded accusations against them. Nevertheless, the hypocrisy and absurdity of these accusations is clear to everyone who follows the course of the Minsk process even a little. 

Thus, it is high time for the Ukrainian authorities to realize a simple and obvious thing: while they are trying to decide whether to stay within the framework of the Minsk agreements or to abandon them, the Republic is not going to humbly wait for their decision and waste time. In our position, in contrast to the Ukrainian one, everything is clear, understandable and transparent: we remain committed to the Minsk agreements and continue to follow the path chosen by Donbass people.