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Donetsk People's Republic

DPR Foreign Minister: we hope for an objective, neutral and unbiased approach of the new OSCE Chairman-in-Office

20 January 2021
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The new OSCE Chairman-in-Office, Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde is currently on a visit to Kiev. It is significant that already during the first meeting with the President of Ukraine, he told Mrs. Linde extremely inaccurate information, in particular that Ukraine allegedly complies with the ceasefire regime, allegedly fulfills all instructions following the meeting of the Normandy Four in Paris and other untrue data.

In connection with the importance of providing objective and complete information about the events in Donbass and in the Minsk process, we sent a letter to Ms. Linde with an invitation to visit the Donetsk People's Republic and personally get acquainted with the situation, including on the contact line, where it is especially noticeable how Ukraine "observes" the ceasefire.

We hope that the new OSCE Chairman-in-Office will accept our invitation and will not permit the situation of monopoly provision of information in Donbass by Ukraine. We also hope that Ms. Linde is guided in her activities primarily by such fundamental principles for this organization as objectivity, neutrality and readiness to interact with both parties to the conflict on an equal and unbiased basis.