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Donetsk People's Republic

DPR Foreign Minister: Ukraine’s refusal to direct dialogue with Republics is a way to nowhere

02 June 2020
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During the visit to Berlin, Ukrainian delegates again fill the media space with statements that are extremely provocative and eloquently demonstrate a complete lack of understanding among Kiev’s representatives of the essence of the peace talks and the desire to participate in them in good faith.
So, the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, Mr. Kuleba, speaks quite openly to representatives of Germany - one of the guarantor countries of the Minsk agreements - about the “key position” of Ukraine regarding the refusal of direct dialogue with Republics’ representatives. At the same time, the head of the Ukrainian president office Mr. Yermak also refers to the instructions following the Normandy Four summit, allegedly the Ukrainian side is fulfilling all the points indicated in the final communique. However, such statements are fundamentally contrary to reality: after all, in the agreements following the meeting of the heads of guarantor countries in December last year, and in the Package of Measures, and in all other documents of the Minsk package, it is clearly stated that the conflict parties are Kiev and Donbass. It means that the main dialogue should take place between them.
In addition, we hear from Mr. Yermak statements that the Republic’s residents are supposedly terrorists, which means that Kiev will talk with certain immigrants, who will be chosen by the Ukrainian authorities themselves. However, Mr. Yermak did not explain how these people could represent the interests of Donbass people, who remained to live on the other side of the contact line from Kiev, and who continued to suffer from aggression by the Kiev authorities.
Moreover: firstly, not a single international organization has recognized the Republic as terrorist organizations. Secondly, not Kiev, but the Republics, which at one time received a mandate of trust from their residents, must decide who represents them at the main diplomatic platform in Minsk. Any other offers from Ukraine are nonsense and a way to nowhere.
The statements of Ukrainian diplomats that during the visit they "99 percent of time" talked about security in Donbass also raise many questions. Although everyone knows that the conflict cannot be completed without first of all resolving the political issues and the problems that created this conflict.
As for security, it is high time for the Ukrainian authorities to stop talking and take concrete practical actions designed to reduce escalation and bring peace. First of all - to agree on additional measures to control the ceasefire, as well as new areas for the disengagement of forces and hardware. But, instead, representatives of Ukraine sabotage substantive discussions within the framework of the Contact Group and spend time creating the illusion of their involvement in peace negotiations.
Once again, we urge the guarantor countries to perceive the events in Donbass objectively and comprehensively, taking into account the real situation, and not those stories that are not related to reality that are presented by Kiev. And the reality is that the Ukrainian side is not only making every effort to evade its obligations under the Minsk agreements, but also continues to carry out unlawful actions against the people of Donbass: shelling our territory, turning off water and electricity, infringes on our rights and freedom, and at the same time does not try to take a single real step towards peace.