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Donetsk People's Republic

DPR Foreign Minister: the president of Ukraine once again demonstrated insolence and incompetence

05 August 2021
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After learning the latest statements of Mr. Zelensky, the very feeling arises, which in the modern world is usually called "Spanish shame" - when it is very embarrassing for the words and actions of another person.

Thus, the Ukrainian president is thinking that “Donbass will never be a part of a Russian territory”. It means that education gaps of Mr. Zelensky are so big that apparently he has never heard about the very Russian roots of Donbass. Not to miss the boat further, we recommend the head of Ukraine as quick as possible to catch up with history lessons. Besides this issue is described in recent article of Vladimir Putin, which was translated in Ukrainian for those Ukrainians who suddenly forgot the Russian language.

As for the calls of Mr. Zelensky to the residents of the Republics "in the name of their children and grandchildren to go and look for a place in Russia", he, in fact, openly confirms that the Ukrainian authorities still do not understand the true causes of Donbass conflict. A conflict that began not so much because of the really objectively existing love for Russia, but primarily because of Kiev's unwillingness to hear us, our opinion, our disagreement with the lawlessness of Maidan events. At the referendum on May 11, 2014, about 94% of the population of Donetsk and Lugansk regions expressed their opinion. Are you inviting them all to leave, Mr. Zelensky? Alas, during these 7 years, readiness to hear Donbass did not appear in Kiev, and the conflict only worsened even more because of the inhuman and extremely cynical attitude towards us on the part of Ukraine.

It is amazing that Mr. Zelensky and his environment still think that there is someone else who believes in their tales that "Ukraine will grow, and there will be no civilization in Donbass without Ukraine." Time and a clear-eyed understanding show that everything is exactly the opposite - Ukraine is degrading and more and more buried in debt and political chaos, and Republics are being recovered and developed. The very love for Russia that Zelensky reflects on helps us: firstly, because thanks to it, we understand which path and in which direction the people of the Republic want to go further. And secondly, because this love is mutual and is supported by real deeds and actions, primarily for humanitarian reasons and in the name of respecting the rights and freedoms of Donbass residents.

Unlike Kiev, which launched an armed conflict against Donbass, which continues to shell peaceful population, infringe our inalienable freedoms and rights, violate international obligations on peaceful settlement, and at the same time still has the audacity to throw us out of our homes. It is without mentioning the fact that such discrimination of Russian population is not permissible in accordance with an international law: the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the practices of the ECHR on the inadmissibility of discrimination based on ethnicity etc.

 Nevertheless, it can be said that “history will take advantage of the moment” that sounded from the lips of the Ukrainian “leader” is another indicator of his complete powerlessness as a leader, inability to make decisions, to exert at least some influence on these very historical moments. Taking into account the behavior, rhetoric and attitude towards people, in the very near future it is precisely such unfortunate leaders who will have to “look for a place for themselves” outside their high government offices.