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Kiev should not call to “modernization of Minsk agreements”, but to implement them in current form – Natalia Nikonorova

11 January 2021
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The Ukrainian representatives have started the new calendar year with statements that have long since become boring, regarding the alleged impossibility of implementing the Minsk agreements in their current form.

At the same time, references are used as arguments that the Minsk Agreements allegedly expired on December 31, 2015. Such allegations show that the Ukrainian negotiators did not carefully read the current version of the Package of Measures, since in the version we know, signed by the conflict parties and the mediators, the stipulated date is indicated in the context of the time frame for a political settlement, subject to the implementation of constitutional reform. Kiev really should worry about the dates of the Package of Measures – but not from the standpoint of the expiration of its "validity period", but because it was through the fault of Ukraine that all the specified deadlines were missed and neither the constitutional reform nor the more complete political settlement was even able to come close.

In addition, the assessment given by the Ukrainian authorities to the prospects for the implementation of the Package of Measures is extremely cynical and divorced from reality: in their opinion, the main factor in this issue is the need to "convince Russia to accept the modern version of the Minsk Agreements or a completely new form of negotiations." Thus, Kiev not only from time to time tries to shift the responsibility for blocking the negotiation process to anyone, just not to admit its own guilt in this sabotage, but also engages in an open oxymoron, offering to resolve the issue of non-compliance with one document by replacing it with another. In this sense, the Schrödinger's cat paradox describes the attitude of Ukraine to the Minsk Agreements much more colorfully: it is both committed to them, and at the same time absolutely does not take them into account and proposes to rewrite them.

Once again, we point out to the Ukrainian representatives that it is completely useless to call for the signing of new peace agreements or changing the existing ones just because Kiev does not like some paragraphs of the Package of Measures. Nevertheless, we still hope that this year the Ukrainian authorities will realize a simple fact: they will not be able to evade their obligations under the acts approved by the UN Security Council. Therefore, it is better not to waste time on empty calls for "modernization of agreements", but to start working substantively, guided by the documents of the Minsk Package already signed by both parties to the conflict and recognized by the entire world community.