Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The Statement of the MFA of the DPR on the possibility of the NATO supplying of lethal weapons to Ukraine

04 February 2015
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In connection with appeared in the Ukrainian press information, concerning the possibility of the supplying of American lethal weapons to Ukraine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine expresses extreme concern on this fact.

Such actions of the USA are unacceptable and contravene the International Code of Conduct on Arms Transfers.

We consider such intentions as violation of the third article of the Chapter II of the «International Code of Conduct on Arms Transfers». Its worth to remind that the article states the impossibility of supplying weapons to countries, which practice genocide, extrajudicial execution, tortures, imprisoning without sentence and breaches the International Human Rights Law.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPR considers the supply of weapons to be illegal and underlines its intentions to achieve a thorough investigation of such facts by international authorities.