Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Сommentary of the First Deputy Minister M.Mnukhin on the Poland`s Minister of Foreign Affairs statements

22 January 2015
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Yesterday, on the 21st of January, on the air of one of the Polish TV channels, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland Grzegorz Schetyna allowed himself rather picturesque statement on the Auschwitz Nazi -concentration camp, being released on the January, 1945, by the Ukrainian troops, not by the Soviet ones.

Mr. Schetyna explained such point of view by the fact that the troops of the 1st Ukrainian Front had been operating at the district at that moment and were named because of the racial composition.

It is worth to remind such «new history»-lovers that none of the Red Army detachments during the World War II were gathered by the ethnic concept, and the names of the fronts, such as the 1st Ukrainian or the 2nd Byelorussian were the results of the geographical factor. By the way, the 1st Ukrainian Front was called Voronezhskiy up to 1943, and earlier – Bryanskiy. It turns out that according to Mr. Schetyna`s logic, the racial composition of the most large-scale armed forces has been changed more than once with renaming the Fronts. And what about the Commander of the Front, the Marshal of the USSR Ivan Konev or Major General Fedor Krasavin, the Commander of the 100th Rifle division, that directly released the Auschwitz ? Both they were ethnic Russians.

Perhaps Mr. Minister excessively demonstrated the national factor but didn’t turn attention at such slight details and studied the subject rather superficially.

At our opinion, such public statements of all individuals cannot be discarded as an elementary ignorance. We can see the distinctly built and organized plan of testing the «throw-in» of the rewritten historic concepts into the public opinion, the aim of which is a total distortion of the key events of the world history in behalf of certain political forces. We call on all the politicians having the self-respect, especially of the highest rank, to abstain from such absurd statements, regardless of political or other views and interests.