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Kiev cannot go without distorting and sabotaging the signed agreements even in the most elementary steps - Natalia Nikonorova

29 March 2021
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The Ukrainian party continues to sabotage its commitments undertaken in accordance with the measures signed on July 22, 2020 to strengthen the ceasefire. This sabotage consists not only in the intensified escalation on the line of contact, in the shelling of our territory, as a result of which civilians are killed and injured, house building and infrastructure are damaged. We got shocked that Kiev tries to distort and sabotage the agreements reached even in the most elementary and easy issues.

This is exactly the situation of such a basic and simple step as the publishing of agreements signed not only by representatives of Donbass and Ukraine, but also endorsed by the mediators of OSCE and the Russian Federation. The Ukrainian authorities even initially could not go without distorting this procedure, the need for which, moreover, was enshrined in the measures themselves: on July 27, 2020, when these agreements were to come into force, a wrong list of measures was published on the website of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine (one of the measures was deleted, and the other two were in the wrong edition).  

It was not the end of the story with the publication of unreliable information: on March 19 of this year, the list of measures was completely removed from the website of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. And on March 27 it was published again, but this time in an even more twisted version: two measures were deleted, and the content of another one was published incorrectly. Thus, the Ministry of Defense removed from the list of measures a ban on offensive and reconnaissance-sabotage actions, as well as a ban on the use of any aircraft. In addition, it decided to abandon the creation and use of a coordination mechanism to respond to violations of the ceasefire with the JCCC assistance in its current composition. Namely, even from this unilateral refusal to publish these measures, it can be concluded that Ukraine is not going to fulfill the agreements in their current form, although these two measures are among the fundamental.

 At the same time, both on the website of the DPR People's Militia Department and on the OSCE website, the list of these measures was published exactly in the edition in which these agreements were signed, and has not changed in any way since that time. Moreover, in addition to a list of measures a no-fire order was also published on the website of the DPR People's Police Department.

We strongly recommend that the representatives of Kiev stop wasting time on senseless attempts to distort and rewrite the essence and content of the agreements signed at the Minsk platform, but instead, devote time to their immediate implementation. 

egotiators with the text of the agreement they signed on July 22, 2020: dnr-general-mayora-sinenkova-da-o-0