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Kiev says and does everything to further widen the gap between Donbass and Ukraine - Natalia Nikonorova

08 February 2021
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The statements of the Ukrainian Minister for “reintegration” Alexey Reznikov and the steps he is taking strengthen us in the idea that, in fact, the purpose of his department's activities is not the reintegration of Donbass, but further deepening the already huge gap between the Republics and Ukraine.

 First, it is the ministry headed by Mr. Reznikov that is responsible for development of the draft law on the so-called "transition period". This strange idea was promoted on the Minsk site for a long time, and every time we voiced to the representatives of Kiev a clear and understandable fact for everyone who got acquainted with the Package of Measures: the idea has nothing to do with this document and, in essence, violates the rights of Donbass residents. This draft law completely ignores the foundation of a political settlement, namely the granting of a special status to Donbass and its consolidation in the Constitution on a permanent basis, restricts the right of Donbass residents to travel, introduces the concept of lustration in relation to residents of the Republics and significant restrictions on civil and political rights, and so on. Once again, we draw the attention of Kiev: if this bill is adopted, it will mean Ukraine's withdrawal from the Minsk process with all consequences. 

Secondly, we were amazed by the reaction of Mr. Reznikov regarding the vaccination of Donbass residents as a way to protect them against coronavirus infection. In the context of an almost seven-year humanitarian blockade by Ukraine, the Republics with great gratitude perceive Russia's willingness to help with the supply of vaccines, drugs and medicines for the treatment and prevention of coronavirus. However, instead of welcoming such humanitarian support from Russia to Donbass residents or offering their own options for help, the Ukrainian authorities lavish comments that the vaccine supplied by the Russian Federation is allegedly uncertified and its use is life-threatening. 

In this regard, we can say the following: in Kiev, it is considered a good tradition to make any statements without first getting acquainted with the topic and without checking the adequacy and veracity of the information voiced. In this regard, we recommend that Mr. Reznikov raise his awareness of this issue by reading the relevant literature. And knowing his distrust of everything Russian, we first of all advise him to read the conclusions about the Sputnik V vaccine safety in one of the most famous, oldest and most authoritative general journals on medicine in Europe – “The Lancet”.

 We would also like to draw the attention of Mr. Reznikov to the fact that, in addition to his high ministerial position, he is also the deputy head of the Ukrainian delegation at the Minsk site. Therefore, if he really cares about the future of Donbass people, then it would be much more useful to focus on unblocking the peace talks, and not on the next stupid statements in the media.