Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic


11 March 2021
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The Minister for “Reintegration” of Donbass Alexey Reznikov continues to strenuously shift the blame for Ukraine's failure to fulfill its commitments under the Minsk agreements on anyone, just not to admit its own responsibility for this.

There are also absurd statements like “Russians block all positive things.” Here we would like to clarify with Mr. Reznikov two points: firstly, is the Ukrainian leadership and he personally aware, as a participant in the Minsk negotiation process, that the parties to the conflict are Kiev and Donbass, but not Russia? And, secondly, what positive things are we talking about in principle? Or does Kiev regard its destructive behavior in the negotiations, its refusal to agree on a package of measures to strengthen the ceasefire, its unwillingness to view our draft Roadmap, its cynical approach to preventing humanitarian supplies as “positive things”? In this case, we recommend Mr. Reznikov in his next interview to describe more specifically what he is talking about. Not to mislead readers, although, in our opinion, there will hardly be at least someone closely following the course of the Minsk process who will believe this blatant misinformation of the Ukrainian authorities.

At the same time, even the representatives of Ukraine themselves openly confirm that their main geopolitical task is to extend and expand sanctions against Russia. Almost all of Mr. Reznikov's statements contain the words that “no one will lift sanctions from Russia”. Obviously, this is the only thing that Kiev is interested in, because it keeps silent about the fact that “the escalation has increased, our people die again” and absolutely ignores the ways to resolve this situation. We recall that it was Kiev that came out of measures to strengthen the ceasefire and refuses to agree on an updated package of these measures.

And the statements that “Donbass is token money in geopolitics for Russia“ sound absolutely ridiculous. Here, apparently, Mr. Reznikov made the so-called Freudian slip, because it is precisely Ukraine that perceives Donbass exclusively as a tool for obtaining financial, administrative and military benefits from Western “partners”. We can say for sure who actually "does not respect the population of Donbass” - it is enough just to remember who has been shelling our territories already for the seventh year, who has introduced a transport, economic, humanitarian blockade, who is proposing bills on internment and collaboration, and who absolutely does not care about life and health of 4 million Donbass inhabitants.

Therefore, we recommend that Mr. Reznikov not practice creating a good picture during a bad game, but it is better to directly admit the existing circumstances: there is already a huge gap between Ukraine and Donbass. And Kiev with its dastardly shelling and absolute unwillingness to conscientiously participate in a peaceful settlement is now literally one step away from making this abyss finally insurmountable.