Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic


19 November 2021
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Ukrainian authorities break new records of absurdity: there are complaints from Kiev that Russia acts "very cynically and provocatively" because it "completely blocked the Minsk negotiation process." Such statements demonstrates that the representatives of Ukraine live in a parallel reality or even suffer from some kind of disorder of thought processes, in which there are difficulties with an adequate perception of the world around them. 

Let us try to return the Ukrainian negotiators to objective reality: cynical antics and provocations, as well as blocking of the negotiation process, take place, but the responsibility for this is in no way borne by the Russian Federation, but by the Ukrainian authorities themselves. All attempts to accuse Russia of non-compliance with the Minsk agreements can lead to only one ending - even greater discrediting of the ability of Ukrainian officials to carefully read the Package of measures, in which there is not a single mention of Russia. But there are as many as 13 points, almost each of which contains direct obligations of Ukraine for a peaceful settlement, and it is mandatory in the process of discussion and agreement with Republics. But, unfortunately, this is the most important condition for resolving contradictions - direct dialogue between Kiev and Donbass - is ignored in Ukraine. And the Ukrainian negotiators prefer not to mention the 13-point commitments, happily wasting their negotiating time to voice absurd statements that are not related to, and sometimes clearly contradict the peace process, engage in empty sophistry and speculative reflections, try to rewrite and alter documents of the Minsk package, and sometimes just disconnect from the negotiations in the middle of the meeting, “take French leave” - especially when we ask them uncomfortable questions about the violations committed by Kiev. 

At the same time, when speaking in the media space, Ukrainian diplomats do not hesitate to compose fables that they are supposedly frantically striving for peace in Donbass, but someone is always interafering with them. This approach has already become traditional for Ukraine: officials of this state prefer not to solve their problems and difficulties, but simply shift them "from a sore head to a healthy one." But such a shift is absolutely unacceptable in the current circumstances, when civilians suffer because of shelling of Ukrainian armed formations, when villages are captured, UAVs and other terrorist methods are used, observers with an inviolable status are abducted, a humanitarian, economic, transport blockade and a monstrous defeat remain. 

Representatives of Ukraine need to stop spreading blatant lies and finally understand that there are only two ways out of the “paradoxical situation” that Ukrainian diplomats like to think about: either start fulfilling their obligations under the Minsk agreements, or officially announce their withdrawal from them. And in the process of making a decision on this issue, we advise them not to forget that the disruption of the peaceful agreements approved by the UN Security Council will necessarily entail sanctions, and here Kiev should not rely on the loyalty and friendliness of its "Western partners".