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Donetsk People's Republic

Kiev continues to play the hypocrite instead of real striving for peace - Natalia Nikonorova

07 June 2021
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Leonid Kravchuk continues to reflect the real attitude of Ukraine toward Donbass and its inhabitants. It is quite obvious that the head of Ukrainian delegation understands that such outrageous quotes about comparing Donbass with a cancerous tumor only deepens the feeling of rejection and complete misunderstanding among the Republics’ people.

The more cynical proposal is the delicately raised question at the proposed referendum on whether Ukraine needs Donbass, with the aim of "not offending those whom Ukraine wants to accept and not pushing them away." Firstly, if we talk about any referendum on Donbass, so it should be discussed primarily with the residents of Donbass, but not with the residents of Ukraine. By the way, Ukrainian authorities should not forget their own formula “we talk about Ukraine only with Ukraine”, which they so persistently promote at the international level. So, why the representatives of Ukraine try to put the Donbass people in some more disadvantaged position? However, if Kiev already considers the Republics as a separate and independent international relations subject, then he should speak about it directly, officially and with a corresponding rejection of all claims on Donbass.

Secondly, taking into account the phrase “not to offend and not push away”, we would like to recall that for the last 7 years Ukraine is too busy doing pushing Donbass away. Moreover, it does not just “offend”, but kills civilians, destroys infrastructure, imposes humanitarian, transport, economic blockades, as well as systematically violates the citizens’ rights. For many years, Kiev has been purposefully depriving our residents of the remnants of faith in a peaceful conflict settlement with its hostile actions. Against this background, the “concern” shown by Mr. Kravchuk about the need for careful wording is a scandalous example of double standards and horrific hypocrisy of Ukrainian representatives.

Of course, reading the writers' diaries is wonderful, but it would be more useful for Leonid Kravchuk to re-read the Package of measures and finally begin its implementation on the basis of a direct and transparent dialogue with Republics. Only such settlement can be a real sign that Ukraine is committed to peaceful and diplomatic course of actions. But so far we observe not just a complete absence of the Ukrainian authorities' will to fulfill these agreements, but also extremely aggressive rhetoric. It disclose the real Ukraine's intentions regarding Donbass.