Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic


26 April 2021
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The Ukrainian authorities continue to make statements voicing thoughts and theses that are full of intentional or accidental incompetence. Thus, the head of the President of Ukraine office speaks out on the topic that, allegedly, according to the Document of the Copenhagen Meeting of June 29, 1990, at the time of the elections, the border should be controlled by the government of the state in which the elections are held. And that the Steinmeier’s formula, agreed upon back in October 2019, allegedly contradicts this principle, outlined in one of the key OSCE documents.

However, such statements are just another lie and disinformation spread by Kiev. The document of the Copenhagen meeting is in the public domain, everyone can get acquainted with it and see with his own eyes that this act does not contain a word about the transfer of control over the border. But what really is in this document is the prevention of "violence or intimidation from the free expression of one's views and assessments" - that is, exactly what Kiev, contrary to the Package of Measures and all the norms of international law, has been doing to the Donbass people for 7 years.

Moreover, the Steinmeier’s formula is not just a declaration that can be arbitrarily declared contrary to some principles and ignored the need for its implementation in Ukrainian legislation. The Steinmeier’s formula and the mechanism for the entry into force of Donbass special status were initialed by both parties to the conflict - Kiev and Donbass, and were also repeatedly approved at the level of the Normandy Four countries.

Nevertheless, the Ukrainian leaders think that if they publicly declare their unwillingness to implement this or another aspect of the peace settlement, then, consequently, the need for its implementation will automatically disappear. It does not work - the Minsk agreements, which enshrine the obligations and competence of both parties to the conflict, were signed by Ukraine and Republics, approved at the level of the guarantor countries and the UN Security Council, which means that Kiev is obliged to implement them regardless of whether it wants or not.