Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic


25 March 2021
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The leadership of the Ukrainian state continues to make statements that call into question the ability of the persons who voiced them to adequately perceive the existing reality. 

Thus, the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry claims that the conflict in Donbass “can be completed in a week, if Russia agrees.” We are no longer surprised by the blind persistence with which Ukrainian representatives insist that Russia is a party to the conflict, although the Minsk agreements clearly stipulate that the Russian Federation performs exclusively the functions of a mediator and guarantor. We are much more amazed at the ease with which the chief of Ukrainian diplomacy announces such unrealistic terms. Let us refresh his memory and give a number of examples about how “quickly” Ukraine is taking even the most elementary steps: we have been trying to agree on the Steinmeier’s formula for almost three years, agree on measures to strengthen the ceasefire regime more than two years (Kiev withdrew from this agreement after one and a half months from the date of their signing), we have been waiting for responses to our draft Roadmap for almost six months. Not to mention that the Package of Measures was signed more than 6 years ago, and in fact, none of its clauses has yet been fully implemented. And we absolutely do not understand how in such circumstances Ukraine is going to resolve the conflict in a week, especially considering that it is the Ukrainian side that has been exclusively dragging out the negotiation process for all these 6 years.

But we know well why the Minsk process has such a low efficiency: ironically, but Mr. Kuleba himself told about it in interview. The thing is that all these years Kiev has been waiting for some kind of “green light” and trying to “force Russia to end the conflict.” Instead of simply fulfilling its obligations under the document approved by the UN Security Council, the Ukrainian party is looking for someone to shift the responsibility for sabotaging these very obligations and to make a beautiful picture out of this, creating the illusion of Kiev's good faith in the negotiations. That is why such theses are most often heard from the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and other officials in the foreign media: Kiev is struggling to convince the world community of its alleged adherence to the Minsk Agreements. 

However, instead of creating this illusory reality, it is high time for the Ukrainian authorities to realize the real circumstances, which are as follows: no one believes Kiev's words about adherence to the Minsk agreements. If the Ukrainian side is really interested in the implementation of the peace plan, then it should not be discussed in foreign media, but implemented in practice - within the framework of the Minsk platform - and in agreement with representatives of Donbass.