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Donetsk People's Republic

Kiev once again demonstrates a lack of will to resolve the conflict - Natalya Nikonorova

25 March 2020
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The statement of the representative of Ukraine in the political group about the alleged impossibility of reaching agreements within the framework of the Contact Group due to the fact that the meeting will be held via videoconference does not accept any criticism. In fact, Mr. Reznikov once again confirmed that Kiev is absolutely not interested in a peaceful settlement – for the Ukrainian party is much more profitable to look for a thousand and one reasons to abandon its obligations under the Minsk agreements, instead of focusing on finding opportunities to return peace to Donbass.

In addition, we would like to remind that because of Alexey Reznikov and his poor health status, an online meeting of the political group did not take place yesterday. At the same time, talking to reporters and filling the media space with destructive statements, Mr. Reznikov was quite capable.

We pay attention once again that in resolving any, even the most acute and difficult conflicts, the most important thing is the presence on both sides of the will and a conscientious desire to resolve the contradictions that have arisen. From world practice, there are many different examples of how and in what format it is possible to accept and consolidate agreements even when the parties cannot have private meeting, especially during the time of the extensive digitalization of diplomacy. Therefore, we urge Kiev not to perceive the unfavorable epidemiological situation in the world as another excuse for not fulfilling its obligations and to finally implement the agreements reached in Minsk.