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Kiev is interested only loud and paphosic statements, but not real steps to peace - Natalia Nikonorova

16 November 2020
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At the meeting of the Contact Group on November 11, the Ukrainian party insisted on holding an extraordinary meeting of the political group, and then actively promoted this appeal in the media. However, as soon as we noted that constructive work is possible only if specific materials for discussion are provided, Kiev's enthusiasm instantly faded away, and no confirmation of Ukraine's readiness for such a meeting can be heard. In particular, Kiev did not provide written comments to our draft roadmap, although the Republics, for their part, in the shortest possible time provided a detailed, article-by-article analysis of Kiev's response paper to our document. Thus, in fact, it was important for Ukraine only to send its own project, divorced from reality, but Kiev is not going to carry out any productive joint work on the roadmap on parity principles.

This is a completely typical behavior within the Minsk process for Ukrainian representatives: they are only interested in loud and pretentious statements, but as soon as it comes to real steps Kiev simply prefers to “forget” that just voicing an idea is not enough. It is indispensably to work on it, send written position, documents necessary for analysis, and so on. Obviously, it is much more convenient for Ukrainian negotiators to deliberately sabotage constructive activities at regular meetings of all groups, because then it is possible to create such a beneficial news reason for Kiev as an appeal to organize an extraordinary meeting.

Nevertheless, it is impossible to endlessly engage in demagoguery, especially since Ukraine resorts to such rhetoric so often that hardly anyone believes it. It is high time for Ukrainian representatives to realize that their thematic plays about adherence to Minsk agreements being played in the media are worthless without real, substantive actions to confirm and fulfill their obligations. Therefore, we recommend Kiev to either start constructive, joint work with the Republics on a further action plan for the implementation of the Package of Measures, or officially admit its inability to implement this document.