Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic


01 April 2021
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The Ukrainian delegation head in Minsk proposes to agree on a kind of “Easter truce”. Maybe Mr. Kravchuk is not aware (at that time he was not in the negotiation process), but on July 17, 2019, representatives of Ukraine and the Republics agreed on an indefinite truce, which entered into force on July 22, 2019. But Leonid Makarovich should definitely remember the entry into force of measures to strengthen the ceasefire, since his predecessor Leonid Kuchma signed this agreement on July 22, 2020, just before Kravchuk took over as chief negotiator.

Thus, 8 months ago, the parameters and measures necessary to ensure a real truce on the ground were spelled out and agreed upon. It is just necessary to follow them. Accordingly, by appeals to agree on some new truces, the Ukrainian representatives directly confirm that they do not comply with the agreement reached 8 months ago. Moreover, they are trying to roll back the negotiation process at a time when the truce was concluded for some holidays and other dates and were of a temporary nature, which, by the way, even contradicted paragraph 1 of the Package of Measures. By agreeing an indefinite ceasefire in July 2019 and signing additional measures to strengthen it in July 2020, this contradiction was eliminated. Now Mr. Kravchuk offers to return it.

The Republics observe the ceasefire and measures to strengthen it. The corresponding orders were not only issued, but even published on our resources. Our position is honest and open. But Ukraine regularly distorts and violates all agreements on this matter, and even develops self-promotion in the media on the topic of another truce conclusion. Instead of this desire for hype, it would be much more useful and appropriate for Kiev to do real work on the Minsk site and simply comply with the agreements already reached and signed.