Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Kiev should refuse disinformation and start implementing Minsk agreements – DPR Foreign Minister

01 April 2020
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We again hear from the Ukrainian leadership theses that raise serious questions regarding the way they perceive reality. So, high-ranking officials declare that they are allegedly fulfilling all the agreements that were reached at the summit of the leaders of the guarantor countries. At the same time, for more than three months we have not been able to get Ukraine to agree with us and put into practice none of listed points of the communiqué following the meeting in the Normandy format: neither in new areas of the disengagement of forces and hardware, nor in the exchange of held persons, nor on the legal aspects of Donbass special status.

Moreover, for the Ukrainian party it is a problem to observe even those agreements that were personally endorsed by representatives of Ukraine on March 11 in Minsk. I note that absolutely all necessary steps have been taken on our part, in confirmation of which we have published the draft of our proposals that were considered and should, according to the protocol signed at the last meeting in Minsk, be agreed by the conflict parties. It is also important to note that the decisions of March 11 already stipulate the agreement reached on the establishment of the Advisory Council, respectively, this is a resolved issue, therefore it should not be “continued to be considered further”, but should be constructively implemented in consultation with representatives of the Normandy Four countries.

In addition, the Ukrainian authorities prefer to use their favorite excuse that the Republics are supposedly not a party to the conflict to justify their inaction, and therefore Kiev will not negotiate with us. At the same time, an interesting observation: Ukraine’s leadership confirms that in the Minsk agreements there are signatures of Donbass representatives - moreover, in some documents the signatures of Republics’ representatives and the very authorities of Kiev are on the same page. That is, even in their statements, Ukrainian leaders demonstrate incompetence and contradict themselves.

We urge representatives of Ukraine to stop throwing senseless and disconnected from reality disinformation into the media space, thereby exposing themselves in an even more unfavorable light, and instead begin to directly fulfill their obligations under the documents of the Minsk package.