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Donetsk People's Republic

Commentary by Natalia Nikonorova regarding the increased shelling by Ukraine

07 May 2020
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Armed forces of Ukraine re-open fire on civilian structures - as a result of shelling of the Sakhanka village, two children and three adults were multiple shrapnel wounded. This is the second case in a week when, as a result of a criminal violation of the ceasefire by Ukraine, children and innocent civilians suffer. A particular cynicism to this crime is also given by the fact that our territory is fired upon on the eve of the anniversary of the Great Victory over Nazism, which in Ukraine is preferred to “celebrate” in such a monstrous bloody way.
At the next meeting of the Contact Group, we intend to raise the issue of both the failure by Kiev of an unlimited ceasefire and the non-compliance with the agreed additional measures to control the ceasefire. For the second time in four days, children and civilians suffer from shelling of Ukrainian armed forces, however, we are not informed of any proceedings and prosecution of ceasefire violators by Ukrainian armed forces. 
In addition, it is extremely surprising to us that amid the flagrant violations of the ceasefire by Ukraine, Kiev authorities are actively praising the media with their idea of involving displaced persons who left Donbass in the negotiations into the Minsk process. It is important to understand: these representatives will be appointed by the executive branch of Ukraine and in the negotiations will reflect its opinion.
It is quite obvious that people living in cities controlled by Ukraine now cannot represent the people of the Republic in Minsk, for which Ukrainian armed forces have regularly fired for six years now, not to mention the other bullying from Kiev: economic, transport, social blockade , infringement of rights and freedoms, wage arrears etc. This PR move of Ukrainian officials is capable of causing only even greater doubt in their view of what is happening. In fact, the Ukrainian authorities want to talk to themselves. But such way the conflict cannot be resolved.
The situation is tense, and in order to begin to relieve tension, the leaders of Ukraine, instead of populism, must, firstly, immediately contribute to a ceasefire and conduct a thorough investigation of all cases of ceasefire violations, including punishing all those responsible for the crimes committed. And, secondly, Kiev does not need to talk with immigrants, but with representatives of the second conflict side - the Republics. Only a direct, conscientious and respectful dialogue will help bring the settlement closer; all the other notions of the Kiev authorities will only contribute to further distancing Donbass.