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It's high time for Kiev to say goodbye to dreams of a military solution through our capitulation - Natalia Nikonorova

12 November 2020
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The head of the Ukrainian delegation in Minsk Leonid Kravchuk continues to promote his version of the roadmap for joint steps of the Contact Group, which in theory should contribute to the implementation of the Package of Measures. But a real document testifies that Kiev's goal on this issue - the implementation of the Package of Measures - is not to promote, but to rewrite and distort the meaning and sequence of its points as much as possible. At yesterday's meeting of the Contact Group, both the Republic and the OSCE representatives have already indicated to the representatives of Ukraine that they have a cart in front of a horse - the points of the Package of Measures in the Ukrainian version of the Roadmap are presented in a broken sequence, and some do not correspond at all to the content of the Package of Measures, which is a gross violation of the entire the logic and structure of this document. Moreover, the mediators and we spent more than an hour to pry out of Leonid Makarovich the recognition of the Ukrainian side's readiness to bring its roadmap in line with the Minsk agreements. What is already abnormal is to ask about the readiness of the Ukrainian delegation to implement the Minsk agreements at the meetings of the Contact Group on the implementation of the Minsk agreements. But in the media space, representatives of Ukraine assure every hour of their reliability and commitment.

Once again we remind to the Ukrainian party: without a political settlement there is no movement towards peace, it's high time to say goodbye to dreams of a military solution to the conflict through our capitulation, disarmament and surrender of Donbass to the mercy of Ukraine. Instead of these illusions, it is worth starting to implement the peace agreements in the order clearly prescribed by the Package of Measures.

Kravchuk with outraged cynicism declares that Ukraine is allegedly punishing the violators of the ceasefire from among the Ukrainian armed formations and calls on the Donetsk People's Republic to do the same. But in fact, the situation is the opposite: the Republic, having fulfilled all the obligations under the Measures to strengthen the ceasefire, which contain a clause on disciplinary responsibility for violators, calls on Kiev to do the same. However, Ukraine is not fulfilling not only this point - it withdrew from the agreement on Measures to strengthen the ceasefire, which was reached with such difficulty in July this year. Ukraine refuses to jointly verify whether there are violations by the JCCC in its current composition, without providing information about the proceedings. At the same time, all our attempts to establish constructive work in Minsk in order to agree as soon as possible an updated package of measures that was required in connection with the withdrawal of Ukraine, Ukraine itself sabotages.

We suspect that the directives of Poroshenko's team that the facts and statements of Ukrainian representatives should differ, Zelensky's team continues to be implemented and even overfulfilled.