Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The Commentary of Alexander Kofman concerning Russian humanitarian convoy

09 January 2015
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Answering on the Ukrainian side`s statement on «weapons carriage within the Russian Federation`s humanitarian convoys» the Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Donetsk People`s Republic Alexander Kofman admitted that such information had been spreading for a long time, but still there is no evidence of weapons presence in this cargoes.

Yesterday, during the 11th arrival of the humanitarian help from the Russian Federation, the journalists from one of the top German TV channels witnessed the unloading more than 60 arrived trucks. According to their words, that convoy comprising trucks was the biggest convoy they ever saw. All journalists were given the opportunity to make a video on opening of all trucks, in order to prove friendly intensions of the Russian humanitarian help, and that there is peaceful cargo in the trucks.

More than that, when the unloaded trucks were leaving storage areas, returning to the Russian border, the German journalists asked to show, on camera, the content of leaving trucks, as Ukraine spreads rumours on export of expensive high-technology equipment from the Donbass territory. The trucks were opened and shown for journalists; the trucks were empty and media representatives fixed it. It is worth mentioning, that all the cargoes of the humanitarian help are examined thoroughly by the OSCE. In other words, such Ukrainian side`s statements cast doubt on the OSCE activities. Any manipulations on weapons carriage within the humanitarian convoys are aimed at deterioration of the catastrophic situation of Donbass citizens.