Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Commentary by DPR Foreign Minister regarding the statements of Andrei Ermak

03 February 2020
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Recently, we have increasingly heard from the Ukrainian party statements regarding the intention of Kiev to rewrite the Minsk agreements. Yesterday's statements by the Assistant to the President of Ukraine are similar, although Mr.Ermak is the official representative of the Ukrainian state at a level of advisers in the Normandy format. A person who regularly meets his colleagues from Russia, Germany and France to discuss the situation with the implementation of Minsk agreements, should know that the Package of Measures has been approved by the UN Security Council. Moreover, the President of Ukraine confirmed his obligations under this document at the December meeting of the “Normandy Four” country. Accordingly, Mr.Ermak, as well as the entire staff of the Ukrainian leadership, will have to come to terms with the fact that any revision of the Minsk agreements is neither possible nor expedient.

We also advise the Ukrainian authorities to arrange an open session in the capital for joint reading of the Package of Measures text for all those who like to comment on the Minsk process, but, unfortunately, are still poorly versed in it. Perhaps this will help Mr. Ermak and his fellow commentators to figure out for themselves the sequence of the points in this document. We would like to remind once again: out-of-turn local elections in Donbass can take place only after all legal aspects of special status have been worked out and agreed with representatives of the Republic on an ongoing basis. In particular, it is about unblocking the law on Donbass special status by implementing Steinmeier’s formula, about the development of acts and agreements arising from this law, as well as on prescribing the special status in the Constitution. All these provisions are written in paragraph 11 of the Package of Measures, which was signed by both parties to the conflict -  Kiev and Republics. This document is also confirmed by the leaders of the Normandy Four, including Zelenskiy.

We have nothing against Mr. Ermak’s illusions that Ukraine will manage to coordinate with us all the legal aspects of the special status till October. However, it is difficult for us to imagine how the Ukrainian representatives will succeed, because now Kiev has not even made a single attempt to begin work on integrating the Steinmeier’s formula in Ukrainian legislation, and this, in fact, is an initial stage of the work that needs to be done before talking about out-of-turn elections.