Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

DPR Foreign Minister commented statements of Andrey Ermak about the exchange of detainees

07 August 2020
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Recently, we have heard from the Ukrainian authorities many different statements about the Minsk process, but all of them are united by a significant discrepancy with the true state of affairs at the Minsk negotiating platform.
Thus, the head of the Ukrainian president's office is talking about an early exchange of detainees. However, Mr. Ermak completely loses sight of the fact that at the moment even those exchanges that took place in December and April last year cannot be called completed. Kiev has not fulfilled the most important condition - full procedural clearing of the released persons. So, these persons are still criminally prosecuted by Ukraine and their rights and freedoms have not been fully restored.
In addition, we know how unfairly the Ukrainian party approach the process of agreeing the lists and how many deliberate provocations Kiev carry out during the negotiations. For example, we are faced with a situation where Ukrainian representatives include to the lists persons currently on the wanted list, although they cannot be exchanged in any way. At the same time, the inclusion in the lists of those citizens who really should be there is very selective: Ukrainian negotiators invent certain categories of persons who are allegedly denied exchange, although a simple and understandable formula is clearly spelled out in the Package of measures - the exchange should be carried out according to the formula “all for all”.
We urge the leadership of Ukraine to focus not on ostentatious readiness to carry out an exchange, but on real work in this direction, because only through a substantive dialogue with us in accordance with the letter of the Minsk agreements is it possible to actually bring progress on such an important humanitarian issue as the return of detained citizens home, taking into account full restoration of all their rights.