Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Head of the DPR MFA Natalia Nikonorova commented the events involving Hubert Fayard

25 April 2019
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Our like-minded people in European countries were repeatedly subjected to pressure, despite the fact that all their activities within our Representative centers are absolutely legitimate and directed exclusively at peaceful purposes, the main of which is the dissemination of truthful information about events in Donbass.

Another example of such pressure was the recent arrest of the head of the DPR Representative center in Marseille, Hubert Fayard. Mr. Fayard repeatedly visited the Donetsk People's Republic at a difficult time for us and proved by deed that he is ready to render substantial assistance and support to our residents.

We are convinced that these outrageous accusations against him are a misunderstanding that has developed because of the huge amount of misinformation spread by Ukraine about Republics and our European friends.

The court of the city of Aix-en-Provence has already confirmed full legitimacy of Mr. Fayard as the head of the DPR Representative center in Marseille, although the Ukrainian diplomatic missions in France in every possible way tried to put pressure on the court.

We do not doubt that after a thorough investigation of all the circumstances, Mr. Fayard will be released, and his good name will be fully restored.