Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The DPR MFA Natalya Nikonorova’s commentary on the military hardware parade on the occasion of Victory Day

06 May 2016
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On the eve of a great holiday that heralded the end of long-lasting bloody war the statements are made by the OSCE representatives and Ukraine’s authorities that humiliate the veterans’ feelings and deny the established traditions and the historical past of our land, namely that the parade of a military hardware in Donetsk on the occasion of a Victory Day is impermissible. The solemn parade for every Donbass citizen who faced the atrocities of the hostilities not only in the stories of grandfathers and great-grandfathers but on one’s own experience, is not just a simple march but the symbol of unity, brave and Victory.

Any accusations connected with the parade holding on the violation of the Minsk Agreements are groundless: all detailed information with data mentioning on the hardware, time and the route of moving was provided to the OSCE representatives. Alongside this, Ukraine’s calls to deploy «the OSCE police mission with the heavy weaponry» to the Republic didn’t receive such «severe evaluations» though its realization can mean only thing – the European states’ involvement to the military conflict.

In this regard the Kiev authorities continue searching the opportunities to escape from the responsibility on happening in Donbass and disregard the Package of Measures. Despite the fact the OSCE representatives have already pointed on the oddity of the suggestions from the Ukraine’s authorities – the official Kiev seems to have chosen its old habit to ignore the objective reality and unfortunately it stays out of world community’s understanding.

In this connection we would like to put in remembrance for one more time that no military incursion and involvement of any third parties would find the support within the population and would lead to the conflict escalation in the international format.