Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The DPR Foreign Minister’s comment on political events in Ukraine

14 April 2016
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This day in Ukraine was marked by the number of politically significant events. Poroshenko announced the creation of the new Ministry on issues of internally displaced persons, ATO zone and occupied territories during his address at the Verkhovna Rada sitting, and also called for adopting the amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine in terms of the decentralization and implementation of the Minsk Agreements aiming at «the peaceful return of Donbass». Also the Verkhovna Rada members elected the new Prime Minister of Ukraine. 

Groysman`s designation as the Head means the change of a Government’s course at more loyal towards the policy of Poroshenko. One of the latest statements of the new Prime Minister from April 5 on the failure to hold the elections literally reflects the position of the Ukrainian President. Alongside this, needless to say about both the real opposition and stable coalition that by no means would not result in country’s recovery from political chaos.    

 Mr. Poroshenko`s calls for the soonest introduction of amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine as for the decentralization another time show his attitude towards the implementation of the Minsk Agreements: this project of amendments already adopted in the first reading is not approved with the representatives of Republic and it doesn’t reflect the peculiarities of our territories formulated in the Package of Measures and according to the Venice Commission, can not serve as a basis for conflict settlement.

Besides, despite the financial crisis and descending level of life in Ukraine, the funds were found on the establishment and functioning of a the so-called new Ministry «on ATO affairs». Appointed Head of this newly created agency had headed earlier the similar agency and also took part in the Minsk negotiations, but we can not make findings of some success in his activities because of their absence.  Redesignating of the agencies and reshuffle of the persons with the same opinions can not lead to the real change of the situation in Ukraine both in general and within the relation with Republics.

We continue reminding that the one and only variant of salvation for Ukraine is the full and unconditional implementation of the Package of Measures.