Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

DPR Acting Foreign Minister`s comment on Ukraine`s severance of diplomatic relations with Russia

16 March 2016
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Yesterday, March 15, a draft decree was registered in Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on termination of diplomatic relations with the Russian Federation. The authors of this draft legislation were the members of Radical Party Oksana Korchinskaya and Yuriy Shukhevich, together with non-affiliated deputy Vladimir Parasyuk who ripped off the Russian flag on March 9 from the building of Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Lvov. 

Attacks upon Russian diplomatic missions in the beginning of March have openly shown not only the destabilization of the political situation in Ukraine but the violation of Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations according to which government authorities are obligatory to use all acceptable efforts for defending the consular buildings from any incursion or endamagement.

All these activities represent an uncovered attempt of Kiev to deviate from the implementation of taken obligations set in the Package of Measures. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Donetsk People`s Republic would like to remind the Ukrainian Government that the severance of diplomatic relations with the Russian Federation would not release Kiev from responsibility for the implementation of Minsk Agreements, but undermine efforts of international community on conflict de-escalation.