Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

DPR MFA comment on shot down military jet

24 November 2015
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Today, the Russian military jet carrying attack to international terrorist group «ISIL» was shot down in the sky of Syria by Turkish air forces. Special attention raises the fact that according to recorder data, Russian jet didn’t clear Syrian airspace therewith not violating international norms.

It is worth emphasizing that Russian military detachments are located in Syria by direct request of legitimate government of this country as distinct from Turkish armed forces who regularly violate Turkish-Syrian border. In addition to this on the part of Turkish government accusations are stated recurrently towards Syria that allegedly provokes contiguous states.

As being a peculiar excuse for today’s actions, Ankara officially accused Russian airspace forces in violation state border succeeded by this asymmetric answer.

We would like to remind about the recent incident on shot down Turkish plane by Syrian army and President Erdogan’s statement says there is nothing extraordinary in accomplishing mission sorties to Syria by Turkish jets, as sorties were «short-term».

To our point of view, such actions by Turkish government are able to inflict damage to the process of formation of anti-terrorist coalition in Syria that evidently could strengthen positions of terrorist groups.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Donetsk People’s Republic expresses deep concern over Ankara’s action and believes they are rude and dangerously provocative, capable after all to result in the international conflict of unimaginable scale.