Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The DPR Foreign Ministry`s comment on opening NATO Representation to Ukraine

04 February 2016
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The decision of Ukraine`s Parliament concerning opening the NATO in our opinion is extremely provocative and perilous first of all for Kiev`s own benefit.

We strongly believe that the adoption of new standards of armament by the Ukrainian army and Ukrainian military-industrial complex, the necessity of which is often stated by the Ukrainian authorities will become the final nail in the coffin of the Ukrainian economy that is held in place by the defense contracts and foreign allocations.

Apart from this, broad hints of the NATO leaders regarding cooperation with Ukraine are very perplexing since the rapprochement with countries that have internal active armed conflict and territorial disputes basically contradict the Charter of organization, not to mention the blank impossibility for such country to become a member of NATO.

Also we would like to remind about the fact that according to the Minsk agreements Ukraine is obliged to exert efforts on conflict settlement instead of escalating it as an imminent result of Kiev`s rapprochement with foreign military organizations.

Once again we call on the Ukrainian authorities to stop the intentional provocations and artificial injection of a tension in respect of both conflict in Donbass and within all Ukrainian society that again becomes a victim of parochial political interests.