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Commentary of Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexander Kofman on the position of a number of the European Union countries upon Ukra

07 February 2015
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Estimating the current position of EU member states towards present-day Ukrainian government, a very notable situation touched upon Austria fifteen years ago comes to mind. In 2000 after successful national parliament elections Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) that professes right-conservative views entered the ruling coalition.

This circumstance became a reason of announcing a boycott against Austria (both political and economic) by 14 countries of EU and a number of world ones as for instance Israel. Restrictions were lifted after 8 months following retirement and death of FPÖ leader Jörg Haider and series of political changes.

Noteworthy that the only reason that evoked other countries to such step was a breakthrough of long-term “Cordon Sanitaire” that privately had been restricting political capabilities of right-national parties and movements in EU countries. We believe that such principles of European politicians, their persistence and succession is a very deserving step.

However, today rather logical question arises: why EU doesn`t notice the ruling Ukrainian political forces which don`t hide their far Nazi Position? In contrast to the Austrian example of 2000, in Ukrainian Parliament there are not just right populists but persons who are culprits of war crimes even without taking into account the regular misanthropic and xenophobia expressions. Moreover, all this lasts for the some months.

Why do we not observe the commentaries of European politicians on this fact? Why did EU countries lose their principal position with the help of which they changed the political construction of whole state in 2000? Perhaps the matter is not in principles and moral norms of a number of western countries but in current political interests that cause the use of double standards, explicit hypocrisy in a global scale.

With the help of western advisors, Ukraine has finally turned itself into a zone of alienation, huge dump where one can find any political waste.