Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

First Deputy Minister M.Mnukhin`s comment on deputy group`s position in the European Parliament

19 January 2015
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The initiative of the parliamentary group of European Parliament «European United Left/Nordic Green Left» concerning amendments to resolution from January 15 has a very significant meaning. This event indicates the fact that not all European politicians have the same position about events in Donbass.

It is very significant for us that the parliamentary group members call on to withdraw aggressive Ukrainian forces that are accountable for numerous war crimes against population and for destruction of important objects of civil infrastructure.

Statements upon the coup that took place in February, 2014, and as a result of which ultra-nationalistic and fascist forces came to power, indicate the understanding by some part of European politicum of the real situation and the readiness to change it.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPR supports such initiatives and calls on all world community to analyze thoroughly and reconsider reasons and consequences of current situation in Donbass.