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Comment by Natalia Nikonorova on the recent statements of the Ukraine's president

16 December 2019
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Recent statements by representatives of Ukraine, including the President of this country, could not more eloquently demonstrate how seriously the Ukrainian leadership treats the Minsk agreements, the guarantor countries, and the UN Security Council, which approved the Package of Measures. The Ukrainian leader is not embarrassed even by the fact that just a few days ago he personally confirmed the state's obligations under the Minsk agreements to the entire world community in the framework of the Normandy Four meeting. At the same time, Mr. Zelensky does not hesitate to say in media that Minsk agreements in their current form are not feasible and need to be changed, and at the same time that Ukraine is fulfilling these agreements. 

Such rhetoric suggests either bipolar disorder or the boundless hypocrisy of the Ukrainian leadership, which is trying to revise its obligations under the Package of Measures and at the same time create the illusion of supposedly reliable negotiating partners. The Ukrainian leader is making new attempts to convince us of his commitment to Minsk agreements in a frankly dubious way – he arbitrarily changes the meaning of the items of the Package of Measures with the hope that no one will notice. A striking example is his statements on the constitutional reform envisaged by  Minsk agreements, which he proposes to replace with decentralization at the level of the whole country. At the same time, Zelensky admits that it is not provided in the documents of the Minsk package, but it "seems to him that, in principle, this wording is suitable". However, this formulation is completely untenable, since the "decentralization" provided for in paragraph 11 of the Package of Measures should be carried out "taking into account the peculiarities" of Donbass, "agreed with the representatives" of Donbass. In other words, the constitutional reform should enshrine a special status in the wording that should be agreed with us. The Package of Measures has no relation to the rest of Ukraine, as well as the constitutional reform prescribed in it.

We draw the attention of the Ukrainian leadership to the fact that in the framework  of Minsk agreements any amateur activity and substitution of concepts is unacceptable. All that is required of Kiev is to implement each item of the Package of Measures clearly, literally and in coordination with the Republics' representatives exactly in the form and order as it is enshrined in the text of this international legal act. If the Ukrainian party continues to sabotage the Minsk agreements and call for their change, it will mean nothing more than the failure of Kiev to comply with its international obligations, as well as all following measures of responsibility to the world community in the face of the guarantor countries, the OSCE and the UN.