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Donetsk People's Republic

Natalia Nikonorova commented Ukraine’s attempt to falsify a communiqué following the meeting of the Normandy Format

11 December 2019
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The Ukrainian party, in a desperate desire to revise its obligations under the Minsk agreements, has gone so far as to distort the text of the communiqué following the meeting in the Normandy format in a favorable manner. This is not only a completely meaningless action, because the official version of the communiqué was published two days ago on the site of the Champs Elysees and distributed to the media around the world, but also a frank demonstration of the absolute disrespect of the Ukrainian authorities for the efforts that the leaders of Russia, France and Germany made to development and coordination of this text at a joint meeting in Paris.

After the Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic called on Kiev to immediately replace the fake published on the website of the Ukraine’s President Office with an official version, it was done, but not exactly and not completely, as it can be in the case with Ukrainian officials. It was required in an ultimatum form to change all language versions of the text to correct ones. The reliability of Ukraine’s representatives as negotiating partners, which had previously raised great doubts, has now become even more ridiculous, because they cannot even realize such a simple action as the copy-paste operation to publish reliable information on their government resources.

We urge the Ukrainian leadership not to follow this frankly dishonest path and stop trying to replace the essence of the recommendations agreed in Paris. For the development and coordination of precisely these formulations, the leaders of the three states spent several hours. The meaning of the instructions of the “Normandy Four” as a control mechanism for the implementation of the Minsk agreements is that they must be implemented by both conflict parties and exactly in the wording that is enshrined in the communique.