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Natalia Nikonorova commented the latest statements of Ukrainian representatives in the Contact group

05 August 2020
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Over the past week, Kiev's representatives in the Contact group made a lot of comments, each of them included the words "compromise" and "red line". But the way they interpret these "compromises" and "red lines" has nothing to do with the documents signed in Minsk.
First of all, all the participants of the Ukrainian delegation - both new and old - should carefully read the documents with which they are going to work. All the necessary compromise steps are already outlined in the Package of Measures. Kravchuk again and again suggests to search new compromises, implying a revision of previously reached agreements. Instead of working to consolidate Donbass special status, we are offered a kind of "special management regime" and remember the old decrees on the "free economic zone to attract investment."
In this regard, Leonid Kravchuk's words that he allegedly do not understand how the Steinmeier’s formula can be implemented into Ukrainian legislation are also alarming. As the delegation head, he cannot fail to know that the Contact Group has already agreed on how it should be adopted.We have repeatedly stated that this formula in itself is a compromise for the peaceful coexistence of Ukraine and Donbass, because due to the irresponsibility of Ukraine, all the deadlines for the entry into force of the law on a permanent basis were missed. We hope that Mr. Kravchuk will not begin his activities with an attempt to nullify the agreements reached with such difficulty in the Contact Group under his predecessor. 
The implementation of the Package of Measures is the only way to return to the peaceful coexistence of Ukraine and Donbass. And in this regard, the greatest concern is caused by Kravchuk's refusal to discuss amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine, since it is allegedly impossible to introduce “temporary issues” into the main law. We can only advise him to re-read the document approved by the UN Security Council resolution and Steinmeier's formula in order to understand what the point is. Namely, it is about our own red line - the permanent nature of the legislation on Donbass special status, without which all other agreements cannot have a stable effect. Work in this direction will most clearly demonstrate Kiev's willingness to compromise.