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Donetsk People's Republic

Comment by Natalia Nikonorova regarding statements of Ukrainian Minister of Defense of Ukraine

22 January 2020
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Based upon the statements of the Ukrainian Minister of Defense, chaos and confusion in the heads of Ukrainian officials grows stronger every day. Otherwise, it is difficult to explain how they can consider disengagement along the entire contact line “an erroneous way that contradicts the very essence of Minsk agreements”. Here we are not talking about the fact that a phased disengagement of forces and hardware along the line of contact is the most effective and efficient way to ensure a truly sustainable ceasefire. We not even mention that the disengagement at three pilot sites was violated and delayed by the Ukrainian military. The head of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has reached such a degree of cynicism that, despite the dire consequences of the shelling for Donbass residents, despite the victims, injuries and destruction, he is ready to continue conflict only in order to “not remove the tension of the international community” and not to “promote lifting of sanctions". A direct contradiction to the essence of the Minsk agreements is these statements.

In addition, the phrase that Republics’ representatives should “fulfill the Minsk agreements and leave” is absolutely absurd. I would like to remind once again that in 2014, conflict in Donbass was started not by civilians of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, but by the Ukrainian leadership, who came to power through an illegal coup and launched the so-called “anti-terrorist operation” against those who did not agree with arbitrariness taking place in Kiev. Therefore, we, the residents of Republics, are not going to leave anywhere in our native land - the Ukrainian authorities need to stop inventing mythical stories and realize that the parties of this conflict are Donbass and Kiev, which means that in this format and in full mutual coordination of all details and questions need to agree on the resumption of peace that Ukraine was the first to violate.

Moreover, the Ukrainian Minister of Defense should know that the documents signed in Minsk were approved by the guarantor countries and the UN Security Council, which means that speaking about them in a spirit “in general, the Minsk agreements suit us, but we do not agree with their order” is unacceptable . No changes or corrections were made to the text of the Package of Measures and will not be made, which means that it is high time for Kiev to say goodbye to the illusions in this regard and finally begin to fulfill its obligations exactly in the order and priority that is prescribed in this document, namely, security issues must be solved in parallel with the settlement on the political track.