Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic


09 December 2020
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    The regular statements of the Ukrainian delegation head again contain theses that contradict not only the Package of measures, but also each other. For example, Mr. Kravchuk says that negotiations in the Minsk format can only resolve tactical, spot issues, but not the global issue - “war”. 
    We have a counter question: when will the Ukrainian authorities realize that the confrontation in Donbass has not just appeared and has a reason, for the settlement of which the Minsk negotiation process exists? 
    We have voiced it many times, including during a recent meeting at the UN Security Council, but we are ready to repeat it especially for Leonid Kravchuk. The underlying cause of the conflict in Donbass is Kiev's aggressive resistance against listening and taking into account the opinion of Donbass residents. That is why we went to rallies in 2014, that is why a referendum was held, which recorded the desire of Donbass to live independently of Kiev. And in the course of all the subsequent crimes and inhuman actions of Ukraine, this desire only grew stronger. 
    Thus, when Kiev complains about the ineffectiveness of the peace negotiations and at the same time does nothing to make this effectiveness appear, we perceive such statements solely as hypocrisy and demagoguery. The Minsk process is in stagnation solely due to the fault of the Ukrainian side, which we have been persuading for 5 months to at least confirm its adherence to the Minsk agreements at the level of the highest authorities. Let us also recall that today, on December 9, 2020 is the very day by which the Ukrainian president promised to achieve peace in Donbass. But things are still there, primarily because the Ukrainian authorities are very fond of putting the cart in front of the horse and thinking about some spot, local issues instead of starting to eliminate the fundamental contradiction - the lack of real readiness in Kiev to hear and listen to the residents of Donbass.