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Natalia Nikonorova commented the statements of the Verkhovna Rada Speaker

11 December 2020
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Statements continue to be heard from Kiev, which directly confirm all our guesses what kind of chaos, confusion and inconsistency of actions take place in Ukraine. 
Thus, the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada spoke about the fact that no appeals with legislative initiatives regarding the implementation of the Minsk agreements political block were sent to the Ukrainian parliament. Such statements sound extremely absurd, taking into account that at the beginning of this year the Ukrainian president appointed the chairmen of the Verkhovna Rada three committees to the Ukrainian delegation in Minsk. These appointments were accompanied by a large-scale hype in the media: supposedly, now the connection with the Rada will be direct, and the Ukrainian negotiators will not have the slightest difficulty in cooperation with the parliament for a political settlement.
 But in practice, it turned out that the Ukrainian authorities continue to play ping-pong: at the Contact Group meetings, representatives of Kiev tell us that they have no authority to apply to the Verkhovna Rada with initiatives to amend or adopt the regulatory legal acts necessary for the implementation of the Package of mmeasures. And Rada representatives, in turn, say that no one has contacted them on this matter. 
In a situation where Ukrainian officials cannot decide who is responsible for the legislative initiative and therefore are inactive on this issue, the Verkhovna Rada could begin to consider the already existing draft normative legal acts – those that were sent to Kiev from Republics. However, as follows from the statements of the Rada speaker, the Ukrainian parliament has not even received any such projects. In addition, the Ukrainian authorities have not yet provided us with any answers and comments on our Roadmap version, which, if adopted at the level of the Verkhovna Rada, could clearly delineate the powers to implement the items of the Minsk agreements among all branches of government in Ukraine and maximally to define in detail all modalities, terms and details of the implementation of each item of the Package of measures. 
Obviously Kiev does not seek to bring constructiveness and certainty in terms of the Minsk agreements implementation, preferring to search for new ways to delay and complicate the settlement process.