Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Natalia Nikonorova has commented the statement of Ukraine’s President regarding the political settlement in Donbass

17 July 2018
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The statements of Ukraine’s President directly contradict the Package of Measures and is another attempt to avoid the fulfillment  of their obligations for a peaceful conflict settlement in Donbass.

First of all, Poroshenko should be reminded that any initiatives concerning Donbass should be coordinated with the Republic’s representatives, and the only draft of the UN resolution on this issue proposed by the Russian Federation is adopted to ensure the safety of the OSCE staff. There are no other official proposals on the UN contingent and its functions in Donbass at the moment. To begin coordinating the election modalities, which must necessarily precede the political process for their preparation, at first the Law on the Special Status of Donbass should become operative. This Law has not been in effect for a single day since its adoption, but it is the basis of a long-term political settlement. Despite our concession and agreement of a compromise mechanism for its entry into force, the Ukrainian party has not yet confirmed its agreement with this formula in Minsk.

Therefore, instead of unsupported allegations,  the Ukrainian leadership should focus on the implementation of documents already existing and signed by both parties of the conflict.