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Donetsk People's Republic

Natalia Nikonorova commented a statement of Ukrainian party on the exchange of detained persons

21 December 2018
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Since the last big exchange of detained persons on 27.12.2017, the representatives of Ukraine in the humanitarian group have been extremely passive for the whole year, sabotaging the process in every possible way, and often not attending meetings in Minsk at all. Now, after a year of inactivity, for the purpose of a PR action, the Ukrainian party demonstrates fake concern for people, making statements about their alleged readiness for action.

The principle position of Republics consists in the strict adherence to the exchange formula prescribed in the Complex of measures, therefore we insist on active work on verification of lists of detained persons according to the formula “all for all”. For our part, we provided lists of these persons at the beginning of this year. Nevertheless, statements about a possible exchange from the representatives of Ukraine we hear only now, while Kiev offers a much lower number for exchange. A fair question arises about the criteria by which the Ukrainian leadership makes decisions about who they include in the exchange lists and who they do not.

We are ready to take any efforts and work in any format in order to realize the exchange of persons according to the approved formula. We urge Kiev to show not demonstrative, but real humanity and allow people to return to their families and friends.