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Natalya Nikonorova`s commentary on National Remembrance Day for Victims of Genocide in Poland

11 July 2016
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8 July, the Senate of Poland adopted a resolution recognizing 11 July as the National Remembrance Day for Victims of Genocide in Poland committed by the OUN-UIA (Organization of the Ukrainian Nationalists – Ukrainian Insurgent Army) against the citizens of II Republic of Poland. The documents states about the necessity of immortalizing the citizens of Poland «savagely killed by the Ukrainian nationalists». Alongside this the events of Volhynian massacre are called the genocide in the resolution.

 Hereby, 73 years after the events in Volhynia the victims of monstrous crimes against the humanity will be commemorated eventually in a proper manner. But another fact is amazing: how is it possible that the authorities of Poland and other countries of the European Union can not see the clear parallels between the Volhynian events in 1943 and the same atrocities of violent neo-fascists in Donbass that despite the information blockade are already mentioned in the reports of the UN officials?

We regard such one-sidedness of the position of the European politicians inadmissible that finds it possible to condemn the seventy-year-old barbarities of the Ukrainian nationalists and in the same time ignore the modern crimes of ultra-right groupings of Ukraine. We call on the leadership of the European Union also to assess the events in Donbass to the uttermost objectively and impartially.