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Donetsk People's Republic

Natalia Nikonorova commented upcoming events at the site in Petrovskoe

01 November 2019
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On October 29, the Contact group in Minsk agreed on two key, fixed dates of events at the disengagement site in the area of ​​ Petrovskoe in accordance with the schedule previously approved by the Contact group. On November 4 – start of practical actions to eliminate violations on this site, disengaged back in 2016, and on November 2 - start of preparatory activities (sending information on the withdrawn forces and equipment to the OSCE SMM and the next day, on November 3 - sending a notification of readiness).

Earlier today, the leadership of Ukraine also announced the agreed date on November 4, despite the agreement of the Contact group on its non-disclosure. We hope that this is not just a special trick by the Ukrainian party in order to hide in the event of any disruption with traditional excuses about seven days of silence and supposedly uncontrollable battalions. As we see in the example of Zolotoe, if desired it turned out to be quite possible to pacify the radical armed elements and start the disengagement process.

On Monday, November 4, we will see whether the relevant forces of the President of Ukraine are perceived as their supreme commander in chief, whose order they must follow.

We would like to note that on our part, the readiness to fulfill the schedule was repeatedly confirmed. The DPR People’s Militia forces are still ready to renew disengagement obligations.

On the second and third of November, we will send the corresponding notifications to the OSCE SMM, and on the fourth of November, at a previously agreed time, 13:00 (Moscow time, which corresponds to 12:00 Eastern European time), a white rocket will be launched.