Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Natalia Nikonorova commented a briefing of the OSCE head Miroslav Lajčák

16 January 2019
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In connection with today's statement by the OSCE head, we consider it necessary to note that the Package of Measures, in particular its second paragraph, contains a clear definition of the parties list to the Donbass conflict, namely Ukraine and Republics. The fact that Mr. Lajčák could not immediately answer the question about conflict parties can be explained by his recent assumption of office, which implies his lack of awareness of the details in this situation. In this regard, we hope that with the help of OSCE representatives, who along with representatives of the Russian Federation play a role of mediators in the negotiation process, Mr. Lajčák will be able to study in more detail all the documents of Minsk package and in his position concerning Donbass will rely on these documents, which were approved by both the guarantor countries of Minsk process and the UN Security Council.