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Natalia Nikonorova commented mutilation of the Minsk process in Ukrainian media

19 November 2020
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The praises of the Ukrainian press about how good the "action plan" allegedly proposed by Leonid Kravchuk is and how it is supposedly undeniable corresponds to the Minsk agreements.
We have only three remarks in this regard.
First, it is incomprehensible to attribute an idea with a "action plan" to Kravchuk. Nobody bothered to check it - it is better to repeat after Kravchuk a hundred times that it was his initiative, and maybe magic will happen. But the reality is following: a counter-Ukrainian draft Action Plan was sent in November in response to the Roadmap, which was proposed by the Republics back in early October. We have been asking such a counter project from Ukraine for more than a month.
Secondly, if the Ukrainian "action plan" complies with the Minsk agreements and is able to politically resolve the conflict, the DPR delegation in Minsk is the water polo team, which, by the way, at least visually increased our similarity with the "militants", as Leonid Kravchuk calls us.
Thirdly, in order to dispel all illusions in the Ukrainian media space regarding Kiev's “adherence” to the Minsk agreements and the “compliance” with them of this reciprocal document, we will be forced to publish the Ukrainian “action plan” with our article-by-article comments to it, sent to Contact group last Wednesday.