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Comment by Natalia Nikonorova regarding the dismissal of Ukraine’s representative in the group on political issues in Minsk

13 August 2019
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The dismissal of the Ukraine’s representative in the political group after one month after his appointment is most likely the result of his extremely controversial statements regarding the Minsk agreements. Over the past week, Mr. Bessmertniy has published a huge number of provocations in the media space: he directly stated that Ukraine would not implement Package of Measures regarding granting special status to Donbass and carrying out constitutional reform, talked about the senselessness of meetings in Minsk without a meeting in the Normandy format, and even called for an tougher blockade of the Republics by Kiev.

Such provocative rhetoric turned out to be excessive even for the Ukrainian authorities, because Kiev should understand that an open and, moreover, publicly voiced by the official representative refusal to implement the UN Security Council approved Package of Measures could very seriously discredit Ukraine’s position as a subject of international law.

Nevertheless, we are not particularly optimistic about the prospects of appointing a new representative of Kiev in a political group. For almost 5 years of this group’s work, Ukraine has only been trying to imitate constructive activity, in fact, not striving for a productive dialogue and real progress. At the same time, Kiev in any case will have to fulfill its obligations under the Package of Measures - including its political points, without the implementation of which it is impossible to achieve a long-term and stable renewal of peace in Donbass.