Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Natalia Nikonorova commented statements of the Ukraine’s Foreign Minister

19 December 2019
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Instead of following instructions from the correct version of the communiqué following the meeting in the Normandy format, representatives of Ukraine continue to shock the Ukrainian media space with absurd statements.

This time, the Kiev authorities are saying that they are supposedly ready to grant Donbass only that status, those rights and powers that can be granted to any other region of Ukraine. If Kiev so much wants to project the provisions of the Package of Measures on other territories, we have nothing against it, the main thing is to implement in clarity all those requirements that are enshrined in this international legal act. Mr. Pristayko needs first of all to stop telling us about the need to read the Minsk agreements and to do this himself. In particular, we advise him to pay attention to paragraph 11, as well as a note to it, which clearly states: Ukraine should carry out constitutional reform, which implies decentralization, taking into account the special status of Donbass, which should operate on an ongoing basis, as well as legislation to prevent the prosecution of persons participating events in Donbass, about the People’s Police, about linguistic self-determination, about cross-border cooperation, etc.

At the same time, the chief of Ukrainian diplomats should understand that declaring the absence of any differences between Donbass and other Ukrainian regions is the height of hypocrisy. Otherwise, a fair question arises, why didn’t we hear such statements from the Ukrainian authorities before, when Kiev launched the “anti-terrorist operation” against civilians and deprived us of the right to life, health, a safe environment, freedom of speech, freedom of movement and other fundamental human and civil rights .

We emphasize once again - it is not for us to decide how the rest of the Ukrainian territories should live. But here is a commitment that Kiev has to Donbass, it must be fulfilled in full accordance with the Minsk agreements and, therefore, must be agreed with us.