Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Comment by Natalia Nikonorova regarding the statements of Kiev’s representatives about the refusal to conduct a direct dialogue

16 May 2020
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Ukrainian officials, despite their high posts and ranks, continue to make every effort to expose themselves and the entire Ukrainian state in extremely unfavorable light. Otherwise, it is impossible to explain why Ukrainian leaders so proudly declare in the media that they refuse direct dialogue with Donbass representatives and plan go on in the future. Already one such statement is clear evidence of Ukraine’s violation of the Package of Measures, which clearly states that the conflict parties, Kiev and Donbass, must communicate through direct and substantive dialogue in Minsk.
But Ukraine and its brave diplomats are not limited to boasting about their violations of international legal acts, they act contrary to the documents approved by the UN Security Council. We also hear statements, moreover, from persons in very high diplomatic posts that Kiev allegedly "conducts reconnaissance in battle" during the meetings of the Contact Group. Thus, the Ukrainian authorities not only demonstrate a lack of understanding the essence of peace negotiations, where it is not necessary to arrange fights, but to agree on a conflict settlement. They also make cynical references to their barbaric shellings of our territory, during which innocent residents die, adults and children suffer and are injured. Such actions of the current Ukrainian leadership lead to a disappointing conclusion: in Kiev now not only ideologically Bandera and other Nazi minions are glorified, but their monstrous bloody methods are carried out practice.
Once again, we remind Ukraine that the real state of affairs is as follows: Donbass back in 2014 resolutely indicated that if the voices of our residents are not heard, then we will never live in the same state with such power. Kiev needs to realize as soon as possible that it is impossible to ignore Donbass, which means that the Ukrainian authorities have only two options: either directly, openly and in good faith to talk with Republics within the Minsk format, or officially recognize the impossibility to fulfill their obligations under Minsk agreements and bear the corresponding responsibility to the guarantor countries and the entire world community for this.