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Natalia Nikonorova commented statements of Ukraine’s representative in the Contact Group

The Ukrainian party, through its representative in the Contact Group, does not stop trying to get away from direct dialogue with Republics. In this regard, we consider it necessary to underline that parties to the conflict are clearly defined in the Complex of measures, namely, in its second paragraph. They are Ukraine and Republics. The Russian Federation, and the OSCE are assigned only the role of mediators in resolving this conflict. A fact that after four years, the Ukrainian negotiators have not bothered to study it properly, clearly demonstrates Kiev’s approach to negotiations.

The only and non-alternative method of non-military resol
ving the conflict remains the direct and rigorous implementation by Kiev of all points of the Complex of measures, which provides for a direct and transparent dialogue with representatives of Donbass. The Contact Group work is built in accordance with the Minsk agreements, and all issues of their implementation can be solved only with the participation of Republican representatives. We hope that with the support of international mediators of the Minsk process represented by the OSCE and Russian Federation, the Ukrainian party will be able to get more closely acquainted with the signed documents.